List of projects available for Stage 3 (08-28 September 2019)

Before choosing a project, read the project description carefully, because you may not get an opportunity to change the project during the Practice: the number of vacancies for some of the projects is strictly limited. To see the project description, click on the pdf file icon.

JINR University Centre (UC) 

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.   D. Belozerov     Electronics hands-on training 
2.   R. Pivin
 M. Nozdrin
    Controls & Vacuum hands-on training
3.   K. Verlamov     RF technology hands-on training
4.   Said Abdel Shakour     Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources 

Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.   A. Artyukh     Study of the transfer and fragmentation reactions near Fermi energy  
2.   A. Artyukh 
  B. Erdemchimeg
    Total reaction cross sections for 6,8He and 8,9Li nuclei at energies of (25-45) A MeV on natAl and natPb
3.   V. Rachkov     Study of heavy-ion elastic scattering within classical and quantum optical model 
4.   L. Krupa     Determination of masses of the super heavy elements in the experiments on synthesis of 112 and 114 elements 
  using the reactions 48Ca+242Pu and 48Ca+244Pu 
5.   L. Krupa     Systematic determination of cross sections for the production of proton-rich evaporation residues near the 
  neutron N=126 shell closure in fusion reactions 
6.   L. Krupa     Production and spectroscopic investigation of new neutron-rich isotopes near the neutron N=126 shell closure
  using the multinucleon transfer reactions 
7.   L. Krupa     Monte-Carlo simulation of fusion and multinucleon transfer reactions in the MEDIPIX detector using the GEANT4 
8.   L. Krupa     Development and testing of a new cryogenic gas-filled catcher for the MASHA 
9.   M. Gustova     X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF)
10.   Yu. Sobolev     Single-crystal gamma scintillation spectrometer 
11.   E. Kozulin   
  K. Novikov
    Measurement of mass-energy distributions of fission fragments using the time-of-flight method  
12.   A. Svirikhin     Neutron emission from spontaneous fission of heavy elements at FLNR 
13.   A. Voinov     Preliminary processing of the signals in a nuclear physics experiment 
14.   S. Lukyanov     Ge(Li)-detector for energy measurements of gamma-activity
15.   S. Lukyanov     Study of the operation principle of X-ray detectors, and Mosley's law in action 
16.   V. Smirnov
  D. Aznabaev
    TOF measurement of the charged particles using the MCP detector

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.  M.-L. Craus     Transport phenomena and magnetic/crystalline structure of manganites
2.   I. Bobrikov 
  S. Sumnikov
    Precision investigation of modern crystalline materials by neutron diffraction method 
3.   M. Frontasyeva 
  W. Badawy
    Neutron activation analysis for life sciences  
4.   S. Kichanov
  N. Belozerova
    Сrystal and magnetic structure of advanced oxide materials: neutron diffraction studies
5.   S. Kichanov
  K. Nazarov
    Neutron radiography and tomography method: practical applications
6.   Kh. Kholmurodov     Molecular Dynamics of Nanosized Models (Nano-Bio-Technology Systems) Combined with Experiments on 
  Neutron Scattering and Optical Spectroscopy
7.   K. Mamatkulov     Raman and CARS microspectroscopy

Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (DLNP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.   E. Kravchenko     Genome “dactyloscopy” (DNA finger-printing) and gene expression: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 
  and Real Time  Polimerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) in action
2.   K. Siemek     Positron annihilation spectroscopy in materials structure studies

Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.   O. Solovtsova 
  A. Sidorov
    Numerical Estimates of the Mellin-Barnes Integrals Based on the Contour of the Stationary Phase
2.   Yu. Shukrinov     Computer simulation of tunneling characteristics of superconducting nanostructures 
3.   A. Arbuzov     Theoretical description of quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleon scattering
4.   D.E. Alvarez-Castillo     Constraining the Neutron Star Mass and Radius Relation 

Laboratory of Radiation Biology (LRB)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.   B. Munkhbaatar
  B. Lkhagvaa
    Computer Modeling of Radiation Biophysics using the Geant4 

  Yu. Severyukhin
  D. Utina
  K. Lyakhova

    Open field behavior and habituation in rats irradiated

Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics (VBLHEP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project
1.   P. Zarubin     BECQUEREL project for juniors 
2.   K. Roslon     Generation and analysis of events for pPb collisions using the MC generator - Therminator 2
3.   K. Roslon     Temperature measurement system for electronic devices based on the PXI configuration for the Slow Control system
  at the TOF-MPD detector
4.   K. Roslon     Temperature influence of the TOF detector and cooling systems (aquatic and aerial) on the accuracy of particle
  detection in the detector
5.   M. Peryt     Robots in great physical experiments: Measuring Robot Balancing Arm Assembly
6.   M. Peryt     Robots in great physical experiments: Rover Vehicle Measuring Robot
7.   M. Peryt     Robots in great physical experiments: Self-Balancing Measuring Robot 
8.   M. Bielewicz     Cosmic ray measurements using such detectors in huge physical experiments as LHC or NICA
9.   M. Bielewicz     Experimental measurement of the level of transmutation and neutron flux density in subcritical nuclear reactors ADS
10.   M. Bielewicz     Multipoint temperature measurement as a way to measure the energy produced inside an ADS reactor 

Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project

  D. Podgainy
  A. Nechaevskiy
  O. Streltsova  

    High-performance computing for scientific and applied problems
2.   B. Saha     Numerical and analytical calculations in gravitation and cosmology
3.   Yu. Kalinovsky     Modeling of the behavior of particles in hot nuclear matter
4.   O. Derenovskaya     ROOT package in High Energy Physics tasks
5.   G. Ososkov     Machine learning applications for plant disease detection
6.   I. Pelevanyuk     Advanced system administration for fast server configuration 
7.   N. Kutovskiy     Advanced computing technologies (Grid, Cloud, HPC). Practical usage of EMI, OpenNebula middleware 
  and key parallel programming technologies
8.   I. Sarkhadov     Numerical modeling of thermal processes arising in the materials under exposure to pulsed ion beams 
  and single high energy ions
9.   O. Chuluunbaatar
  Yu. Popov
    Calculation of the strong field approximation term for the hydrogen atom excitation in intensive laser field