Project presentation tips


Project presentations made by students are scheduled for the last working day of the Practice (see the Programme).
The main goal of the presentations is evaluation of students’ work.
During the Practice, different students work on different projects, therefore, another aim is to give the other participants a better idea of the entire range of research projects at JINR Laboratories.

Timing and format

The final project presentations will take place on 26 July, Friday.
All presentations must be made in English.

Most of the participants are organised in teams, each team working on one or more projects. In this case, each team prepares one presentation and chooses one or more speakers to present their project. Taking into account the total number of participants and the number of projects, students will be presenting in two rooms in parallel (LIT, 4 floor, rooms 413 and 437, see the schedule). Each presentation should not last more than 10-30 min, depending on the number of speakers: 10 min for 1 speaker, 15 min for 2-3 speakers, 20 min for 4-5 speakers, 30 minutes for 6+ speakers. This includes time for questions from the audience.

The format of the presentations should be chosen by the speakers.
UC facilities and equipment will be provided to rehearse and make the presentation. 


The contents of the presentation should include:
1)      project title;
2)      list of project participants and their affiliation;
3)      JINR laboratory, where the project has been carried out and the name of the project supervisor;
4)      aim of the project (scientific problem, field of research, possible applications, etc.);
5)      equipment description;
6)      work/experiment description;
7)      obtained results.

Other points can be added optionally.


Presentations must be sent to the Organising Committee (Julia Rybachuk one day before reporting: the deadline for sending the presentation files is Thursday, 25 July, 15:00.

If you need to visit the presentation rooms to rehearse your presentation and make sure that all animations, videos, etc. run smoothly, please inform the Organising Committee in advance. The rooms will be available for rehearsals on Thursday, 25 July, 15:00-17:30.