ISP 2019, Stage 2 (July 07-27)

In order to become a Practice participant, you need to do the following:

Contact the national representative of your country and undergo the required procedure to be officially selected and approved for participation in the Practice.

Dr. Yegana Aliyeva Azerbaijan 
Dr. Nedyalko Tashev Bulgaria
Prof. Ivan Stekl Czech Republic
Prof. Roman Zawodny Poland
Prof. Alexandru Jipa Romania
Prof. Suzana Dubnickova Slovakia

After we have received the list of approved participants with their emails from the national representatives, we will contact you by email and ask to do the following:

1. Each approved student should fill in a short visa form attached to the email and send it back to Ms. Julia Rybachuk

2. Each approved student should send their passport scan to Ms. Julia Rybachuk

3. Each approved student should choose a project they will be working on during the Practice from the List of projects available for Stage 2 2019 below 
and send your preference to Ms. Julia Rybachuk. To see the project description, click on the pdf file icon. The number of vacancies for some of the projects is strictly limited.

4. Please stay in touch via email, we may contact you in case of any problems or to send additional information.

5. Join us on Facebook for discussion (for selected participants only).

6. Should you have any questions regarding visa, please contact Mrs. Olga Belova from the JINR International Department. 
Should you have any questions regarding educational issues, projects or Practice in general, please contact Ms. Julia Rybachuk from the JINR University Centre.

The following sections will be clickable as soon as the information is available: