Order and timing of presentations, Stage 1 (South Africa)

21 June, University Centre, room 437

  Timing Lab Students Name of the presentation pdf Time limit Supervisor
 1. 10.30 UC  Majozi Prince Phathizwe
 Mabanga Zizipho
 Electronics & RF technology hands-on training   15 min  D. Belozerov
 2. 10.45 FLNR  Gopal Sumeera   Determination of masses of the super heavy elements in the
 experiments on synthesis of 112 and 114 elements using the
 reactions 48Ca+242Pu and 48Ca+244Pu 
  20 min  L. Krupa
 V. Vedeneev
 Dobgima Inocent Babila   Systematic determination of cross sections for the production of
 proton-rich evaporation residues near the neutron N=126 shell
 closure in fusion reactions 
 Mngonyama Sifiso   Monte-Carlo simulation of fusion and multinucleon transfer
 reactions in the MEDIPIX detector using the GEANT4 
 3.  11.05 FLNR  Mtshonisi Nqophisa
 Mashilo Lehong
 Irradiation testing of nuclear ceramics and oxides with heavy
 ions of fission fragment energy
  15 min  V. Skuratov
 4. 11.20 FLNR  Lydia Bewana  X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF)   10 min  M. Gustova
 5. 11.30 DLNP  Lindelwa Siwisa
 Dakalo Rollet Mashamba
 Storm Ryan Johnson
 Positron annihilation spectroscopy in materials structure studies   20 min  K. Siemek
 6. 11.50 DLNP  Gudani Tshivhase  Computer simulation of radiation protection using
 the Geant4 toolkit
  10 min  A. Zhemchugov
12.00-12.30 - Coffee-break
 7. 12.30 FLNP  Lindokuhle Manana  Precision investigation of modern crystalline materials by neutron
 diffraction method
  10 min  I. Bobrikov
 S. Sumnikov
 8. 12.40 FLNP  Gwebu Phathizwe  Neutron activation analysis for life sciences     10 min  M. Frontasyeva
 W. Badawy
 9. 12.50 FLNP  Magobiyane Zolani
 Ntombela Thembeka
 Transport phenomena and magnetic/crystalline structure
 of manganites
  15 min  M.-L. Craus
 V. Turchenko
10. 13.05 FLNP  Elvis Moyo
 Gamalakhe Gift Mthethwa
 Non-destructive analysis of element and isotope composition
 by neutron spectroscopy methods
  15 min  N. Bajajina
11.  13.20 BLTP  Siphamandla Khumalo  Numerical methods in theory of topological solitons   10 min  Ya. Shnir
12. 13.30 BLTP  Emeka Harrison Onah
 Masedi Mmudi
 Refilwe Aletta Mmekwe
 Computer simulation of tunnelling characteristics of
 superconducting nanostructures
  20 min  Yu. Shukrinov
13.50 – Photoshoot, awarding, closing