2017      International schools and conferences at JINR

30 January-4 February XIIIth Winter School on Theoretical Physics
«Heavy Ion Physics: from LHC to NICA»
31 March – 2 April JINR Days of Physics – 2017
Cultural Center “Mir”, Dubna
16-19 May International School of Nuclear Physics
«JINR Days in Bulgaria»
Complex “Borovets”, Sofia, Bulgaria 
 28 May – 17 June First stage
International Student Practice for students from South Africa
University Centre, JINR 
1 June – 30 September   Summer Student Programme at JINR
University Centre, JINR
12-19 June 6th Conference-School of Young Scientific and Specialists of JINR
Resort Hotel «Dubna», Alushta, Crimea 
25 June – 1 July JINR School for Teachers of Physics from JINR Member States
University Centre, JINR
14-16 July 21st Summer School of Young Scientific and Specialists
Tourist Base “Lipnya”, Dubna
2-22 July Second stage
International Student Practice
University Centre, JINR
9-15 July 17th International Conference
«Methods of Symmetries in Physics» (SYMPHYS-XVII)
Yerevan, Armenia
10-22 July Helmholtz International Summer School
«Nuclear Theory and Astrophysical Applications»
13-20 July 17th international scientific Baikal Summer School on
Physics of Elementary Particles and Astrophysics
Bolshie Koty, Irkutsk region, Russia
16-23 July International School
«Symmetry in Integrable Systems and Nuclear Physics»
Tsaghkadzor, Armenia
26 July – 4 August 8th International Student Summer School
«Nuclear Physics-Science and Applications»
Brașov, Romania
2-20 August 29th Summer International Computer School
Resort Hotel “Ratmino”, Dubna
6-12 August International School
«Advanced Methods of Modern Theoretical Physics: Integrable and Stochastic Systems»
International Conference Hall, Dubna 
20 August – 1 September 7th International Pontecorvo Neutrino Physics School
Prague, Czech Republic
20 August – 2 September Helmholtz International Summer School
«Lattice QCD, Hadron Stucture and Hadronic Matter»
6-19 September European School of High-Energy Physics
High-Energy Physics 
Evora, Portugal 
10-30 September Third stage
International Student Practice
University Centre, JINR
2-6 October 21st International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR (AYSS-2017)
5-12 November CERN School for Teachers of Physics from the JINR Member States
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Date and venue of the event will be announced shortly
International School for Young Scientist and Students
«Instruments and Methods of Experimental Nuclear Physics»