On 6 — 8 August 2020, JINR will participate in the second stage of the International Geek Picnic Online Festival dedicated to science and advanced technology. The enhanced universe of Geek Picnic Online 2.0 with new stages welcomes its visitors 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. JINR will participate in this festival as a partner having new speakers and activities.

Schedule of JINR presentations

At the JINR site guests and viewers will be able to walk around one of its Laboratories; to learn how to calculate the radiation field inside an interplanetary spacecraft during the Earth to Mars flight; to get acquainted with the detectors installed on almost all spacecraft launched from Earth; learn how to conduct astrobiological research of meteorites and the oldest terrestrial rocks; consider the possible evolution of the Universe and hear everything about the new NICA Collider.

Details in the DubniUm group on VK