On 23 April 2020, a staff member of VBLHEP Nikita Sidorov faced a very special online audience to deliver his lecture named “What are colliders?” This fascinating talk was intended for the members of the Virtual Science Camps organised by a Physics teacher in Paris, Michael Gregory.


The virtual classroom welcomed 28 students from France, the USA, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, the Czech Republic, and Spain. Also, Physics teachers from Sri Lanka, Ghana, and New Zealand were able to join the participants of this online event. We hope they will now be able to use Nikita Sidorov's lecture in their own classrooms, with the recording now available online: https://youtu.be/0gWVBuDJcY8.

We first had the pleasure to meet Michael in Paris at UNESCO headquarters during the JINR Days in France 2018 and we invited him to visit the Institute and take part in a scientific excursion organised by the JINR University Centre for students of the Israeli HEMDA Center in April 2018 http://www.jinr.ru/posts/israeli-high-school-students/.

The University Centre was planning to invite Michael and his students to a similar scientific tour of JINR. However, the global pandemic interfered with these plans. We hope that after the epidemiological situation is no longer a threat, our plans will be implemented and the French students will be able to visit JINR, just like students from Israel, the Czech Republic, Germany, and many schools of Russia have already done. In the meantime, we will continue our cooperation with Michael by offering his Virtual Science Camps other online lectures by the Institute specialists.