On 19 February, 2020, high school students of the Tarasovka Gymnasium from the city of Pushkino visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The guests took a walk around the Institute part of Dubna, visited the Museum of the JINR History of Science and Technology, as well as the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions.

Acquaintance with the science city began with a walk around the historical places. Accompanied by an employee of the JINR Museum A. Zlotnikova, the guests visited the monuments to outstanding scientists who wrote their names in the history of the Institute and world science.

The children were able to learn more about the JINR fields of research at the Museum of the History of Science and Technology, where A. Zlotnikova and K. Kozubsky gave a talk about the major milestones of the Institute development and the future projects of JINR scientists, and conducted an exciting class in the Experimentanium.

A. Voinov told the guests about the completion of the Periodic table with new chemical elements and applied research being conducted at the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. He gave a tour of one of the FLNR accelerators – the IC-100, during which the students learned about the principle of cyclotron operation and the method of track membranes production.