On Monday, 9 September 2019, the third stage of the International Student Practice was launched in the JINR University Centre. 22 students of universities of Belarus, Chile, Cuba, the RSA and Serbia came to Dubna.

The first days of the Practice are traditionally devoted to the acquaintance with the Joint Institute. It started with an introductory lecture about JINR in the JINR Scientists’ Club delivered for the guests and participants of the 13th International Training Programme JEMS for decision-makers in science and international scientific cooperation that has been also launched today. Students will have lectures about JINR research fields, will visit the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, the Laboratory of Neutron Physics, the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, and the Laboratory of Information Technologies. Moreover, in the frames of the lecture course, students will be acquainted with JINR educational opportunities and scientific research conducted in the Laboratory of Radiation Biology.

The cultural programme has been prepared for participants of the 3rd stage of the Practice. Participants will have an event called “International noon”, an analogue of the “International morning” that has been successfully held in the frames of the UC International Practices fro several times. The next day, they will go to Moscow to visit the sights of the Russian capital.

The major part of the Practice is allotted to work on the educational and research projects carried out under the supervision of specialists of the JINR laboratories. Participants will meet their supervisors on the first day of the Practice, and they will acquaint students with tasks of the chosen projects. Moreover, supervisors will help students get involved in the working atmosphere of the Practice. The final day of the Practice will be dedicated to reporting presentations of students about their work on projects.

From Mexico and Chile to Russia “International morning”

Video: 3rd stage of the Student Practice


Photo by Elena Puzynina