From 14 to 28 July 2019, a fascinating journey to the world of science, discoveries and achievements will be opened not far from Dubna. The workshop “Element 105” will be held in the frames of the Summer School 2019 (earlier the School “Russian Journalist”) in the “Volga” recreation centre.

It will be the 4th workshop organized by JINR in the frames of the Summer School. Participants above 18 who have been selected are “plunged” into the depths of scientific knowledge of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The journey starts in the “Summer School” field education camp where JINR researchers will come to deliver lectures. Lectures are devoted to a wide range of issues of nuclear physics, particle physics and physics of relativistic heavy ions, neutrino physics and cosmology, condensed matter physics, biophysics and radiobiology. The material is presented in such a way as to make it possible for participants without special physical education to understand lectures. That is why the Physical Workshop “Element 105”, where this immersion will be held, is targeted at not only physicists. Doors of the Workshop are open for everyone who is keen on science.

Participants will have workshops and tutorials in the Institute’s laboratories. They will meet those who create world-level science today. They will visit the most advanced scientific facilities and learn their operation principles. They will have an opportunity to shake hands with researchers whose names have gone down into the history of discoveries and ask questions to those who determine directions of future science.