On 24 March, a big event for school and university students and graduates took place in the Cultural Centre “Oktyabr” in Dubna. For the third time, the Forum #ProfessionsoftheFuture gathered experts in various professions to speak about the skills and competencies that will be relevant in the near future. The event was marked by traditional participation of JINR.

On Sunday morning, on the left bank of Dubna, many residents and guests of the city were filling out registration badges to become a part of the event that was supposed to be attended by about 1000 people.

The first expert of the programme was Ilya Shirikov, electronic systems engineer in the NICA project at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Being in love with his profession, the speaker started with "I myself once had to make this choice...". As he later admitted in an interview (to the JINR UC representatives), he would not trade his choice for anything else. The profession of an engineer is exciting and prestigious, the speaker mentioned. And there is a good reason. Right now the Institute is extremely interested in employing young engineers. Therefore, the main goal of the speaker was to introduce the listeners to this profession.

In his presentation on the stage, Ilya told about the NICA complex, its scale today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. About the technologies coming from Big Science to our everyday life, current developments made by engineers, and the tendencies of the next 20-30 years.

The talk ended with presenting a souvenir for the best question from the audience. The young student was interested in the modern synchronization system based on the White Rabbit technology. We hope that in the future this interest will get stronger and lead this young man to Big Science, just like Ilya’s speech led all those interested to the JINR exhibition stand presented jointly with the stand of Dubna University. At the stands, the representatives gave detailed information about the School of Engineering – a joint project of JINR and the University, showed and explained what JINR engineers do.

The VBLHEP staff members created an interactive space – those who wanted could examine the electronic modules of the NICA accelerator complex and test the training platforms developed at VBLHEP by the students of the JINR-based Department of Electronics, Dubna University. Nearby, the staff members of the JINR University Centre (JINR UC) explained how to start a career in science at the Institute, and provided the information materials about the Interschool Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom, student programmes and practices, as well as other opportunities of training at JINR.

The older generation was also interested. People came along with their grandchildren. While the youngers were pulling the levers on the circuit boards, the older ones were told about the modern technologies by the representatives of VBLHEP, smiled, admired, took the “road map of JINR’s future specialist”. Perhaps, soon, thanks to JINR’s participation in the Forum "Professions of the Future", many new talented engineers will appear at the Institute.

JINR’s working group at the Forum: A. Suschevich, O. Radosteva, E. Loboda, D. Ponkin, I. Shirikov.