The JINR University Centre organizes two-day programmes for schools students from other cities that allow them to learn more about the Institute, the city and opportunities available for the youth here. On 29 and 30 October 2018, 16 school students and their 3 teachers from Vologda came to JINR.

The guests visited the Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR, the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, and the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics. High-school students got acquainted with the history of the science city passing a quest around the Institute district of the city. The visit was concluded in the State University “Dubna”.

Scientific schools for teachers held in JINR since 2010 pay off. Thus, several graduates of Vologda schools already study in the Dubna University. This time, 15 students planning to enter the University and dreaming to be engaged in science have come to our city. It is worth mentioning that Evgeny Bilovol, one of the teachers accompanying the students during the trip, participated in the International Scientific School for Teachers held by UC JINR in CERN.

Acquaintance with JINR started in the Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR where A. Zlotnikova and K. Kozubsky told the guests about the achievements of Dubna scientists and new scientific projects of the Institute.

Then, the students were welcomed in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where A. Voinov provided excursions to the IC-100 and U-400M accelerators, and O. Orelovich reported on operation principles of the electron microscope.

In the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, school students were acquainted with the Wilson chamber, which was assembled in their presence. N. Anfimov introduced to the students the research fields of DLNP, gave an excursion to the control room of the neutrino experiment NOVA and told them about functions of the photomultipliers that are tested in the “dark room”.

Acquaintance with the city was held in the format of an exciting quest around the sights of the Institute district of Dubna.

The second day of the visit was also fruitful. In the morning, the students visited the hall for assembly and testing of magnets in the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, where D. Dryablov and O. Kazinova reported on the mega-science project NICA and tasks scientists want to solve using this facility. They also guided the guests along the assembly line of superconducting magnets, the most complicated part of the future accelerator complex.

The visit was concluded in the State University “Dubna”. The school students were pleasantly surprised that several compatriots study here. Thus, one of the graduates of the Vologda lyceum #32, and now a first-year student, Anton Ogurtsov told the participants of the excursion about the active campus life and events organized here for students and the general public. Senior students served as mentors at a workshop on information security and during an excursion to the Prototyping Center.

In memory of the visit to Dubna, each student received souvenirs: commemorative certificates, Mendeleev’s Tables in its modern edition, magnets with element 115 Moscovium, as well as films depicting the events received from bubble chambers back in 1970.