On Friday, 26 October 2018, the XXVI International Space Olympiad for school students was finished in the science city Korolyov. This year, the Olympiad was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of launch of the Russian module “Zarya”, the first module of the International Space Station, and to the 80th anniversary of the science city Korolyov.

115 school students from Russia and Belarus took part in the Olympiad.

The competition programme of the Olympiad consisted of several stages: defense of creative projects in various fields of cosmonautics, Olympiads of mathematics, physics, IT and literature, as well as team work at cases, projects that require solving practical tasks on space topics. The topics for cases were prepared by specialists of the Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”.

Two ten-grade school students of the Dubna Lyceum #6 Nikita Zhabitsky and Matvey Zotov, who attend the “Experimental physics” project course headed by Irina G. Osipenkova (UC JINR), participated in the Olympiad. They won the 5th and the 6th places in the overall standing. Nikita won the mathematical Olympiad and became a laureate of the creative stage and the physical and IT Olympiads. Matvey won the physical Olympiad and became a laureate of the mathematical and IT Olympiads. We cordially congratulate them!

The social programme of the XXVI International Space Olympiad for school students was also rich. Participants visited the RKA Mission Control Center, the VDNKh pavilion “Aviation and Cosmonautics”, and the ZAO EMP RSC Energia Center of Technologies’ Development and Personnel Training where a scientific-practical conference was held. Participants of the Olympiad also visited the museum of “Energia”, had a direct communication with the ISS, met with astronauts-specialists of “Energia” Alexander Kaleri, Yuri Usachev, Alexander Alexandrov.

More details are available on the RSC “Energia” website.

Source: the Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom of the JINR University Centre