On 08-09 September 2018, the Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU) hosted a two-day school preceding the IX International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei (EXON-2018) held in the capital of Karelia on 10-15 September.

The School was attended by nearly 150 people – students and lecturers of the Institute of Physics and Technology, the Institute of Medicine, and the Institute of Biology, Ecology, and Agrotechnologies of PetrSU.

The programme of the School had a tight schedule. For two days, JINR staff members gave lectures on the latest achievements of JINR, as well as on the up-to-date research conducted at the Institute. The welcome speech was delivered by Professor, Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics Yu. Penionzhkevich. The official word of welcome was followed by the reports of A. Karpov "JINR. The Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions", A. Agapov "Proton therapy at the JINR Medical and Technical Complex", A. Bugay "Studies of radiation-induced CNS disorders", A. Nechaev "Application of accelerated heavy-ion beams in materials science and nanotechnology", M. Frontasyeva "Neutron activation analysis in life sciences", Yu. Panebrattsev "New educational resources of JINR".

The Institute of Physics and Technology (IPT) of PetrSU hosted an exhibition that introduced the students and tutors to the activities of the Institute’s laboratories. High interest of the School participants was provoked by a multimedia demonstration of operation principles of the JINR basic facilities. The exhibits were made by the staff members of the JINR UC Department of Development of Educational Programmes.

The experience of holding such schools preceding large conferences has proved their effectiveness in attracting attention of young people to modern scientific issues, as well as in motivating universities to strengthen their relations with JINR. Among the positive outcomes of the School was the fact that some of the students expressed their willingness to intern at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and get acquainted with its latest scientific achievements. This willingness has all the potential to be fulfilled due to the cooperation agreement that was signed by JINR and IPT of PetrSU in the spring of 2018.