On Monday, 10 September 2018, the 3rd stage of the International Student Practice organized by the JINR University Centre was launched.

Students from Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Mongolia and Serbia came to Dubna to participate in the final stage of the Practice.

Since 2009, the third stage of the Practice is attended by representatives from Serbia and Egypt, since 2010 – from Belarus, since 2015 – from Cuba.

The programme traditionally started with introductory lectures on JINR activities and educational opportunities of the Institute. In the framework of the Practice, excursions to the JINR laboratories will be organized where guests will be told about the main fields of laboratories’ activities and will be acquainted with the JINR basic facilities.

Principal time of the Practice will be devoted to research projects that will be presented on the final day of the Practice.

The programme of the Practice includes social events as well, for example, a one-day tour in Moscow will be organized to participants.