In 2018, the UC Summer Student Programme is held at JINR for the fifth time. It welcomed its participants for the first time in 2014 when eight students came to the Joint Institute.

This year, it has 63 students from 16 countries. It was the first time students from Brasil, China, Germany, and Italy arrived at Dubna to participate in SSP.

SSP is a long-term programme, designed for 6-8 weeks, it gives students an opportunity to perform a scientific project at a higher and more advanced level. The programme has no strict time frames, students come to JINR until September coordinating the time with their supervisors from the Institute, the Practice always starts in June. Selection of participants is held by JINR staff members basing on applications submitted via website. Results of projects are presented in the form of reports, which are published by students on the specified website.

About SSP 2017

Students carry out research in the JINR laboratories, get acquainted with fields of the Institute’s scientific activities, and introducing excursions come in handy for this aim. Thus, students visited the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics. Excursions to other laboratories are planned to be held as well.

It is safe to say that the Programme is popular among students and brings results: some SSP participants of previous years are now JINR staff members and even leaders of some projects.

In the informal atmosphere of the “International morning”, students had an opportunity to tell the SSP participants about culture of their countries, share interesting facts about history and peculiarities of national character as well as get to know each other closer. This regular event for SSP participants was held on 20 July 2018 in the JINR Visit Centre. Ten presentations on countries from which speakers came were delivered to the audience. Moreover, organizers prepared a surprise for participants. At the improvised mini-exhibition, they presented items of traditional Russian applied arts: Gzhel and Khokhloma ware, a family of matryoshka dolls, clay whistles and even a real balalaika. During the break between presentations, degustation of kvass was arranged, which was appreciated by many participants.

Photos: SSP-2018 participants visited DLNP