We inform you that there is now a possibility to enroll a new joint network educational master programme provided by MEPhI together with JINR.

The programme “Charged Particles accelerators for mega-science class facilities” is developed within the 14.04.02 specialization “Nuclear Physics and technologies”.

The main purpose of the programme is collaborative training of specialists for JINR, namely for the NICA Project. The JINR based department at NRNU MEPhI for the programme is the Department of Electrophysical Installations (www.эфу.рф).

The programme offers a great chance to obtain basic education in Particle Accelerators Physics at MEPhI and scientific skills at JINR being trained in charged particles accelerators, ultrahigh RF facilities, physical electronics, electronic systems of nuclear and physical installations, radiation technologies, etc.

Holders of a bachelor’s degree and specialists qualified in “Nuclear Physics and technologies” other related specializations (“Microwave Technology”, “Physical Electronics”, “Radiotechnics”, “Electrotechnics”, etc.) are kindly invited to apply.

Follow the link to see the examination interview programme.


NRNU MEPhI: Acting Head of the Department of Electrophysical Installations Valentina V. Dmitrieva – VVDmitriyeva@mephi.ru, +7 (499) 324-29-95; department secretary Nina K. Safonova +7 (495) 785-66-99*8226.

JINR: Head of the University Centre Stanislav Z. Pakuliak – pakuliak@jinr.ru, +7 (496) 216-50-89; Coordinator of students Tatiana O. Yudina yuto@jinr.ru, +7 (496) 216-42-73.