On 25 April, high-school students from Tver visited JINR. They had an excursion to the JINR Museum of the History of Science and Technology and to the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics.

The visitors were students from 8 to 11 grades who are the winners of Olympiads in Physics and have a real passion for science.  

The acquaintance with the Institute began at the JINR Museum of the History of Science and Technology; A.Rastorguev gave a talk on the history of the development of accelerators and their mechanism; A.Zlotnikova and K.Kozubsky presented the halls “History”, “Future”, and “Experimantarium” and gave a broad overview of Museum items and how they got there.

Later on, accompanied by O.Kunchenko, the students visited the Synchrophasotron and Nuclotron building. At the end of the excursion, guided by M.Shandov and A.Shemchuk, the students visited the Hall for Assembling and Testing of Superconductive magnets for the NICA complex which is now under construction. It is worth noticing, that the students were well prepared for the visit, for they had watched the film “NICA – The Universe in a Lab” and had made a list of questions to the JINR staff members, which they were able to ask during the excursion.