On 22 April 2018, the International School on Nuclear Methods for Environmental and Life Science NMELS’18 was launched in the suburbs of Budva, in the picturesque town Becici.

JINR Director Academician V.A. Matveev and Director General of the Directorate for Science and Research of the Ministry of Science of Montenegro Darko Petrušić delivered their welcome speeches. The programme of the School opening was continued with lectures by Director of the JINR University Centre S.Z. Pakulyak and Head of the FLNP Sector of Neutron Activation Analysis and Applied Research M.V. Frontasyeva.

More than 50 students and post-graduate students from countries of the South-Eastern Europe, namely Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, became participants of the School.

The NMELS’18 School is dedicated to the comprehensive education of nuclear and related techniques for ecological expertise of various ecosystems including air, water and soil pollution, water purification technologies, aspects of radioecology and radiogenetics as well as nuclear medicine and nuclear detectors in medicine. The School is organized as a series of several courses on the School topics. Each course starts with an elementary introduction to the subject and its development up to the present day as well as outline the status of corresponding research in the JINR Laboratories, scientific partner centres of JINR and scientific organizations of the JINR Member States. Lectures on the School topics are delivered by prominent scientists not only from JINR but also from Greece, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and RSA.

The school will be held the whole week until 28 April 2018.