Following the fine tradition, the spring school holidays in Dubna were finished by the scientific festival “Days of Physics”.

This year, the festival was held for the 5th time and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of awarding the Nobel Prize to Max Planck for his discovery of quantum nature of radiation. Participating in the scientific quest “Quantum game”, even the youngest festival guests could understand physics of some quantum effects and detect them experimentally.

On Saturday, 31 March 2018, the major event of “Days of Physics 2018”, demonstration of fascinating experiments in the “Laboratory of Days of Physics”, was held. School students worked out, prepared and demonstrated experiments in the laboratory by themselves. This year, teams from Bryansk, Moscow and Dubna took part in the festival. More than 300 school students came to watch 30 experiments. The authors of experiments explained principles of operation and peculiarities of experiments’ implementation to the audience. At the end of the Laboratory’s work, Dmitry Dryablov and Anastasia Zlotnikova delivered a bright and spectacular show with chemical and physical experiments.

On Sunday, students participated in the Mathematical Holiday: they solved sophisticated mathematical tasks and dealt with brain teasers. Workshops were continued as well in which participants constructed airplanes, folded origami, picked up and analyzed samples of “Martial” soil, carried out magnet and ballistic measurements. The programme was concluded by launch of rockets made by students at Molodyozhnaya Polyana (lit. “Youth Glade”).

Days of Physics were organized and held by staff members of the JINR University Centre, the Interschool Physics and Mathematics Open Classroom, the Museum of History of Science and Technology of JINR and the Blokhintsev Universal Public Library of JINR with the support of volunteers.

Mikhail Zhabitsky, 

Photo by Stanislav Tikhomirov

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