On January 22, 2018 a group of students from Horoshevskaya School arrived at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, where they visited the JINR Museum, and the Laboratory of High Energy Physics. 

Museum staff members A.Zlotnikova, A.Rastorguev, and K.Kozubsky showed the students the museum halls, presented the video about JINR, delivered a short lecture on the JINR history, the main fields of research, and the latest discoveries by Dubna scientists.

O. Kunchenko, specialist of the Research and Experimental Department of Superconducting Magnets and Technologies, told the visit participants about the mega-science project NICA and took them to the Synchrophasotron and Nuclotron hall. O.Kazinova introduced the guests to the principles of assembly of superconducting magnets intended for the future collider.