On 30 November, 2017, a traditional visit of high-school students of the University Lyceum No. 1511 of the Pre-university of NRNU MEPhI to JINR was held.

In a brief introduction, a staff member of the JINR Museum A. Zlotnikova told the students about the history of the Institute, and the mega science project NICA.

The visit was continued in the Laboratory of Information Technologies, where LIT staff members M. Zuev and S. Torosyan told the students about the history of the JINR Computing Centre and guided a tour of the Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex. The excursion around LIT was of great importance to the school students, as their specialty at Lyceum 1511 of the Pre-university of NRNU MEPhI is information and communication technologies.

The visit ended at the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. A great interest of the students was pro-voked by a lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements, and a visit to the accelerator IC-100, both by a FLNR researcher A. Voinov. In the end, the students could see the NanoLab, where O. Orelovich gave a master class on working with an electron microscope. The visitors learned that, along with fundamental research, a large volume of applied research is being carried out at JINR.

From the feedback of the JINR guests it became clear that the excursion made a most positive im-pression: the students learned a lot and were amazed by the scale and diversity of JINR research activities.