On 15 November, 14 students of School No. 2116 and 13 students of the University Lyceum No. 1523 of the Pre-university NRNU MEPHI, Moscow, visited JINR. The pre-university of NNIU MEPhI, Moscow. The main goal of the visit was to introduce the guests to the main activities of the Institute.

The visit began in the JINR Museum, where K.Kozubsky and A.Rastorguev explained the children how the Institute originated. Particular attention during the excursion was attracted by the Synchrophasotron model located in the Museum History Hall. Next, the students went to the Experimentarium part, where interesting interactive exhibits were offered to the young visitors.

After lunch, the school students visited the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. A.Voinov told the guests about the fundamental and applied research conducted at FLNR. The visitors were particularly interested in the new chemical elements discovered by the laboratory scientists. The excursion ended in the FLNR NanoLab, where O.Orelovich acquainted the children with the principles of the electron microscope operation, which provoked a large number of questions from the young researchers.