In the framework of school career days and with a purpose to encourage school graduates to choose science specialties, visits to the JINR Laboratory of High Energy Physics and the Laboratory of Information Technologies were organised for high school students from Dubna.

On 21 September, the laboratory staff members D.Dryablov and O.Kunchenko took the visitors to the Synchrophasotron and Nuclotron Hall. The excursion continued in the superconducting magnets assembly hall, where A. Galimov and A. Tikhomirov told the students about all stages of production and testing of collider future parts. The visit ended with spectacular experiments with liquid nitrogen.

On 25 October, the software engineer I.Pelevanyuk guided a tour of the LIT Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex for students of Dubna School No.7. During the excursion he told the visitors about the history of computers and the tasks being solved by staff members of the Laboratory of Information Technologies.

On 10 November, the laboratory staff members D.Dryablov, A.Tikhomirov, and O.Kazinova guided a tour of the NICA magnet assembly hall, where D.Dryablov briefly told the students about JINR and professions most in demand at the Institute, while A.Tikhomirov and O.Kazinova, being an excellent model of young and talented JINR staff members, acquainted the visitors with their daily routine and described the stages of production of magnets intended for the collider NICA under construction. The most curious and enthusiastic participants of the visit were given JINR souvenirs by the guides.