On 11 September 2017, the third stage of the International Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research was started. Among the participants registered for that stage are 30 students from Egypt, 12 students from Belarus, 12 students from South Africa, 5 Serbian and 2 Cuban students.

Students from South Africa participate in the Practice since 2007. Since 2009, the third stage Practice is attended by the representatives of Serbia and Egypt, since 2010 – of Belarus, since 2015 – of Cuba.

The first day of the Practice was devoted to acquaintance of students with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. They were given introductory lectures about on the history and the current research activities of the Institute, as well as on the JINR educational opportunities. In the afternoon, the students visited the JINR University Centre, where they have heard lectures on activities of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology and the Laboratory of Information Technologies. In conclusion of the familiarization day, the Practice participants met with supervisors of their research projects. The students will start work on the research projects in laboratories of the Institute immediately the next day after.

In the following days of the Practice, acquaintance with laboratories of the Joint Institute and its basic facilities will be continued on 12 September when the students will visit the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, and on September 13 they will be acquainted with the Laboratory of High Energy Physics and the Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

The Programme of the Practice also includes social events, in particular, a one day tour in Moscow will be organized for the participants on 16 September. And next week, on 22 September, the University Centre will hold the traditional “International morning” where students will make colourful presentations on the history, culture and people of their native countries, as well as find new friends and communicate in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

The last day of the three weeks Practice will be devoted to students’ reports-presentations on results of the accomplished projects, which will be posted on the UC site web page of the of the Third stage.