On 7 April 2017, a group of high school students from Moscow school No. 880 visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Excursions to the Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics and the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions were organized for the students.

Specialists of the VBLHEP Department of Superconducting Magnets and Technologies A.Galimov and O.Kunchenko told the visitors about the Synchrophasotron accelerator and the NICA collider which is currently under construction; they provided a tour to the Nuclotron, as well as to the hall for superconducting magnets assembly and testing.

The acquaintance with JINR continued in the Laboratory of Nuclear reactions, where scientific secretary A.Karpov gave a lecture on synthesis of superheavy nuclei, and junior researcher R.Rymzhanov showed the accelerator IC-100 to the visitors.