FLNR and VBLHEP staff members A. Voinov and D. Dryablov gave open lessons for students and teachers of School No. 51 in Tver.

On January 25, a lecture "Synthesis of new elements of D.I. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of Elements. Discovery of the island of stability of superheavy nuclei" was given for school students and teachers of physics, mathematics and informatics at School No. 51 in Tver. During the lecture A. Voinov told about JINR and the latest achievements of scientists in the field of synthesis of new superheavy elements of the Periodic Table.

On March 10, the VBLHEP staff member D. Dryablov gave a lesson for junior school students, where he demonstrated experiments with liquid nitrogen.

The first acquaintance of students of the Tver School with JINR took place in June 2016 during their introductory visit to the Institute.