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Calendar of events


Start of the application procedure for the online student programme INTEREST


Start of foreign language courses at the JINR University Centre


Start of the Nuclear Physics online week at Samara regional site of "NAUKA 0+"


The beginning of the
XV All-Russian festival
"NAUKA 0+" in Moscow

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research jointly with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) holds the 10th scientific School for teachers of physics from the JINR Member States on 5 – 12 November 2017.

On 08 August, a visit to the laboratories of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was organised for the participants of the International Computer School that is annually held in Dubna.

As part of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which is being held in Sochi, October 15 – 22, 2017, the exhibition site of the Ministry of Education and Science “Megascience: Russia in the World – Russia for the World” is open.

On 11 September 2017, the third stage of the International Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research was started. Among the participants registered for that stage are 30 students from Egypt, 12 students from Belarus, 12 students from South Africa, 5 Serbian and 2 Cuban students.

 Summer is a busy season at JINR when students come here for practices and internships. One of such programmes is a Summer Student Programme(SSP). Let’s talk about it in more detail.