UC activities

Calendar of events


Start of the application procedure for the online student programme INTEREST


Start of foreign language courses at the JINR University Centre


Start of the Nuclear Physics online week at Samara regional site of "NAUKA 0+"


The beginning of the
XV All-Russian festival
"NAUKA 0+" in Moscow

For 10 years, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research together with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has been organising international scientific schools for physics teachers from the JINR Member States. During this time, more than 400 teachers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan participated in the events.

On 6 – 14 July 2019, JINR took part in one of largest festivals of science, technology and arts “Geek Picnic” that annually gathers about 100,000 people at its two sites in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

On Monday, 9 September 2019, the third stage of the International Student Practice was launched in the JINR University Centre. Senior students and first-years post-graduates of universities of Europe, Africa, and Latin America participate in the event.

On 3 August 2019, the 31st Interregional Computer School named after V. Volokitin and E. Shirkova organized with the support of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research will be launched in the JINR Resort Hotel “Ratmino”.

On 14 July 2019, the Summer School “Physics. Mathematics. IT.” was launched in Dubna. At the present School, students will have lectures on modern nuclear physics, cosmology, and radiomedecine and will be involved in project activities.