List of projects available for Stage 4, December 08-28 (Egypt)

JINR University Centre (UC) 

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   D. Belozerov     Electronics hands-on training  6
2.   R. Pivin
 M. Nozdrin
    Controls & Vacuum hands-on training 3
3.   K. Verlamov     RF technology hands-on training 3
4.   Said A.Shakour     Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources 6
5.   K. Gikal     Pixel detector MX-10 8

Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   V. Rachkov     Study of heavy-ion elastic scattering within classical and quantum optical model  3
2.   L. Krupa
  V. Vedeneev  
    Determination of masses of the super heavy elements in the experiments on synthesis of
  112 and 114 elements using the reactions 48Ca+242Pu and 48Ca+244Pu 
3.     Systematic determination of cross sections for the production of proton-rich evaporation
  residues near the neutron N=126 shell closure in fusion reactions 
4.     Production and spectroscopic investigation of new neutron-rich isotopes near the neutron
  N=126 shell closure using the multinucleon transfer reactions 
5.     Monte-Carlo simulation of fusion and multinucleon transfer reactions in the MEDIPIX
  detector using the GEANT4 
6.     Development and testing of a new cryogenic gas-filled catcher for the MASHA 
7.   N. Aksenov     Radiochemical methods in nuclear data research for radionuclides production 2

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   M.-L. Craus     Transport phenomena and magnetic/crystalline structure of manganites 5
2.   M.Frontasyeva 
  W. Badawy
    Neutron activation analysis for life sciences   8
3.   S. Kichanov
  N. Belozerova
    Сrystal and magnetic structure of advanced oxide materials: neutron diffraction studies 2
4.   S. Kichanov
  K. Nazarov
    Neutron radiography and tomography method: practical applications 2

Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (DLNP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   I. Alexandrov
 K. Afanasyeva
    PCR-assay of intragenic DNA lesions induced by ionizing radiation at the vestigial gene of
  Drosophila melanogaster
2.   E. Kravchenko     Genome “dactyloscopy” (DNA finger-printing) and gene expression: Polymerase Chain
  Reaction (PCR) and Real Time  Polimerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) in action
3.   A. Zhemchugov     Computer simulation of radiation protection using the Geant4 toolkit 2

Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   Yu. Shukrinov     Computer simulation of tunneling characteristics of superconducting nanostructures  5
2.   A. Arbuzov     Theoretical description of quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleon scattering 2

Laboratory of Radiation Biology (LRB)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   B. Munkhbaatar
  B. Lkhagvaa
    Computer Modeling of Radiation Biophysics using the Geant4  4

  D. Utina
  K. Lyakhova

    Open field behavior and habituation in rats irradiated 2

Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT)

 №  Supervisor pdf  Name of the project Number of vacancies
1.   B. Saha     Numerical and analytical calculations in gravitation and cosmology 2
2.   G. Ososkov     Machine learning applications for plant disease detection 3
3.   O.Chuluunbaatar
  Yu. Popov
    Calculation of the strong field approximation term for the hydrogen atom excitation in
  intensive laser field