Programme, Stage 1 2018 (03-23 June)

04 June      Meeting at the hotel reception at 09:00

 09.00-09.30 Walking to JINR Visit Centre    
 09.30-10.00 Getting badges, individual passes    
 10.00-10.45 "Joint Institute for Nuclear Research" - introductory lecture   D. Kamanin  
 10.45-11.00 Break    
 11.00-11.45 "Opportunities for students at JINR" - introductory lecture   S. Pakuliak  
 11.45-12.15 Safety briefing   M. Nozdrin  
 12.15-12.30 Group photo    
 12.30-13.00 Meeting with project supervisors    
 13.00-14.00 Lunch (JINR LNP canteen)    
 14.00-14.30 Shuttle bus to JINR VBLHEP (from the canteen)    
 14.30-16.30 Visit to Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics  K. Roslon
 A. Tikhomirov
 16.30-17.00 Shuttle bus back to the hotel    

05 June     Meeting at the Checkpoint  (JINR territory, at the information board) at 09:30

 09.30-10.00 Walking to FLNR    
 10.00-11.20 Visit to Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions   A. Karpov   
 11.20-11.30 Walking to DLNP    
 11.30-12.50 Visit to Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems   A. Antoshkin
  R. Dvornicky
 13.00-14.00 Lunch (JINR LNP canteen)    
 14.00-14.15 Meeting at the canteen, walking to FLNP     
 14.15-16.00 Visit to Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics   I. Zinicovscaia
  D. Chodoba
  S. Kichanov
 16.00-16.15 Walking to LRB (bld.71)    
 16.15-17.15 Visit to Laboratory of Radiation Biology  Yu. Severyukhin
 M. Lalcovicova
 A. Ryumin

06 June 

 09.00-13.00 Work in the labs     
 13.00-14.00 Lunch    
 14.00-15.30 Work in the labs    
 15.45-17.00 JINR Visit-Centre: "History of Russia and Dubna" - lecture E. Bazanova   

07-08 June

 09.00-13.00  Work in the labs     
 13.00-14.00  Lunch    
 14.00-18.00  Work in the labs    

09 June excursion to Moscow
10-12 June free time, public holidays in Russia (Dubna must-see's)

13-15 June 

 09.00-13.00 Work in the labs     
 13.00-14.00 Lunch    
 14.00-18.00 Work in the labs

16 June free time
17 June excursion to Dmitrov

18-21 June

 09.00-13.00 Work in the labs     
 13.00-14.00 Lunch    
 14.00-18.00 Work in the labs    

 22 June    Meeting at the JINR University Centre, room 437,  at 09:30

 09.30-10.50  Presentations by the students     
 10.50-11.10  Coffee-break    
 11.10-12.00  Presentations by the students    
 12.00-12.30  Photoshoot, awarding, closing